Netflix’s Kill Boksoon movie review & film summary (2023)

Kill Bok Soon is a very good film about a Gil Bok Soon, one of the best assassins of the MK guild. They call them companies, but I think a guild is more accurate. She’s deadly and she brings light humor to her personality. She smirks and lightly banters with her victims in a way that tells them, “This is business.

Kill Boksoon portrays a trained assassin who is ready to retire so that she may spend more time with her daughter. Crash Course in Romance’s Jeon Do-Yeon stars in the film as the protagonist. While she may be skilled in murder, she has found that raising children is her greatest obstacle.

Sadly, as Boksoon sets off on what she calls her “final” mission, she violates a few regulations involving killing everyone she is assigned to, regardless of the circumstances. As a result, every other hitman working for her organization considers her their number one adversary. Will she stay alive when a group of people trained to kill her comes after her?

Byun Sung-Hyun, whose previous work includes Kingmaker and The Merciless films, helmed the violent action movie with an R rating. Kill Boksoon will be a slick and sophisticated thrill trip with many battle scenes that will leave you in awe. Please continue reading to learn everything you need, as you will want to take advantage of this opportunity.

Release date
March 31, 2023 (United States)
Country of origin
South Korea
Official site
Netflix Site
Also known as
Kill Bok Soon
Production companies
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Technical specs
2 hours 17 minutes

About ratings and reviews of this movie

I enjoyed the movie. Very well directed and acted. I found the ratings and reviews of this movie are quite unique. The current rating is in the range 6~7 but there are few who scored 6~7 but one third scored very low and the two third scored very high (including me) and the average is that.

I think some people may criticize the movie for its stereotype, typical or cliche. But I don’t get the bad reviews criticizing its improbable story or violence. Hey, this is not a suspense nor a drama. It’s a dark black comedy, homage to Tarantino movies. An Asian variation of Kill Bill. Fair ratings should be based on the level of completion of the movie itself, not by the personal preference of special genre.

Kill Boksoon is a Korean action & adventure film on Netflix. Released on March 31, 2023, it stars Jeon Do-yeon, Sul Kyung-gu, and Kim Si-a. The film follows a single mother and hired killer who struggles to find the balance between her personal and work life.

It has been praised for its visceral fight scenes, a realistic take on motherhood, and choreography. However, some critics think the film is too long and doesn’t have the ability for viewers to connect to the characters.

Kill Boksoon Review and Plot Summary

Kill Boksoon opens with a captivating fight between hit woman Gil Bok-soon and a Japanese gangster, whom she allows to attack with a weapon of his choice. Bok-soon kills the gangster, and his death ends up on the news.

We find out that Bok-soon is part of a global conglomerate of professional assassins called MK, which turns killing into a business. To prevent amateur killers from ruining their businesses, the conglomerate creates new rules.

First, they can’t kill anyone underage. Second, killers will only take on company-sanctioned jobs or “shows.” Third, killers must attempt these shows.

Kill Boksoon good or bad?

Kill Boksoon is thrilling yet emotional. There are plenty of epic fight scenes incorporating impressive choreography. We understand quickly why Bok-soon is revered among students training to be assassins. She’s definitely one of the better fighters you’ll see in an action movie.

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