‘Fast X’ Inches Past New Checkpoint at Global Box Office 2023

Fast X has finally hit a speed bump and it’s now in a major traffic jam that has likely seen the movie hit its final major milestone at the worldwide box office. The film landed on PVOD platforms just three weeks after its release in cinemas, but that didn’t stop the tenth film in the Fast family saga from going on to grab a major box office total.

After crossing the $700 million dollar mark two weeks ago, the film has ground to a halt having grossed what has to be considered a very underwhelming $145 million domestic, but in international markets, where the diverse appeal of the franchise has always led to greatly successful results, it has more than made up the pace. Its overseas gross now lies at $558.6 million, taking the film’s overall total to $705 million.

Alongside Jurassic World Dominion, Fast X became one of the rare post-pandemic Hollywood films to get not just a theatrical release in China, but to actually excel there. The film also managed to gross more money in China than it did in the United States. The current worldwide total of $705 million does not yet include numbers from China, incidentally. The film has also held up well in other parts of Asia, with Japan reporting a cumulative total of $27 million to date.

While the West had seen a very cliché version of Asian characters on screen in the 70s, Enter the Dragon broke many conventions from the diversity of the characters to how action is handled in the movie. The movie’s success contributed to mainstream interest in forms of martial arts and also inspired numerous action films, television shows, games, comic books, manga and anime, which are pretty popular today.
Monica Rambeau’s story has overlapped with several MCU storylines so far. She was featured in the MCU Disney+ series WandaVision, and is shown to have looked up to Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel as a kid in Captain Marvel. Meanwhile, Kamala Khan is a devoted fan of Captain Marvel. But in the upcoming film, all three women will intersect, and join forces in order to save the world (once again).

The new images, released today, give us our first look at their joint project. The first image shows all three standing together in uniform. They appear to be outside, though the background is blurred. All three are looking out of frame. Another image shows Captain Marvel standing in a crowd of what looks to be Skrulls. And Monica Rambeau shows off her own dazzling powers in another image, which shows her emitting her iconic rays of energy. Kamala, for her part, can be seen at her desk, behind her is what looks to be a slide show in progress on her computers and a wall covered in Captain Marvel fan art. And perhaps most excitingly, a new image of Goose, Captain Marvel’s feline companion.
The restored trailer takes one back to Han’s deadly tournament and gives the audience a fresh perspective to the age-old tale. The trailer promises the same action-packed ride with vivid visuals. Enter the Dragon sees Lee as a martial arts expert who is engaged by the government to take down a crime lord, who is also responsible for Lee’s sister’s death. As he enters a kung fu competition in an attempt to fight his way to the dealer’s headquarters, he makes new friends.

The Legacy of Enter the Dragon
Enter the Dragon is Lee’s final completed before his death in July 1973. The movie directed by Robert Clouse from a story written by Michael Allin seamlessly combines the elements of spy film with the then-emerging blaxploitation genre. The success of the feature paved the way for a number of movies in the sub-genre and its influence is still undeniable on the worldwide box office. Back in the day it grossed over US$400 million worldwide against a budget of $850,000 essentially earning 400 times more than its budget putting it in the coveted category of the most profitable films of all time.

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